Projects 🔨

Just a few neat things I've built is a CLI version of the game Wordle, written in Rust. I build this project as a way to start learning and building apps in Rust. It plays similar to the web version, with a few minor differences. Still a WIP, I have a few more features to add to make this version its own, unique thing! is my personal website that you happen to be looking at right now! This site was built with some of my favorite technologies, like Next.JS, Typescript, and TailwindCSS. It's currently being hosted on Vercel. This site also contains integrations with Revue for Brock's Bytes [my weekly newsletter] and Hashnode for fetching my featured blog posts.

Complete Athlete Tracking [Coming soon]

Complete Athlete Tracking is a freelance application I've been working on to better track athelete physical and mental health. Athletes take a survey before and after their practice. Coaches get notified if any of their athletes have any unusual values (like getting less than 7 hours of sleep for example). This project was intially built by me in Java, Angular, and Postgres. Unhappy with how that was going, we piovted to using NextJS, Typescript, and setup a MySQL database on Planetscale. We will be deploying to Vercel and integrating with AWS for some background jobs and services. We also have plans to port this to React Native and launch on iOS and Android. is freelance website I have been working on for the Illinois High School Girls Gymnastics Coaches Association. The site allows users to setup and renew memberships, view coaching clinic information and resources, and find job listings for coaching positions. I have also been integrating an admin portal for board members to log into to manage members and page content. This site is live and we've had great user feedback on it! It was built with NextJS and Typescript, hosted on Vercel, integrates with Mux video, and uses Supabase Postgres for our database.